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Qiaohui Hu

My name is Qiaohui HU, and I recently finished a four-year PhD in Bioscience at the University of Adelaide. Before that I completed a three-year Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology), plus a one-year Bachelor of Science (honours). My studies have taught me how to be a scientific researcher, and I am very thankful to my supervisor and colleagues…[more]

Soheila Ayoubi

I am Soheila Ayoubi from Iran. I chose to study at Australian Ideal College as I believe they offer a quality education that can open opportunities for future study, as well as gaining great skills into the business management industry. I didn’t expect studying at AIC would be so much fun, but thanks to my classmates and the trainer, I really enjoyed coming to the college every week.

I’ve successfully completed my Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management…[more]

Chanel Ting-Hsuan Lin

My name is Chanel Ting-Hsuan Lin from Taiwan. I came to Adelaide a few years ago as an international student and have completed my English course and Certificate III and Certificate IV business courses in Adelaide. After that, I found business courses are not what I wanted, and thus so I lost interest in progressing my diploma of business. However, I instead developed a strong interest in studying hospitality, so my agent recommended Australian Ideal College to me.

After I enrolled into this course in August…[more]

Ping Zhou


我是AIC 2021年10月份毕业的NAATI学生周萍,学号20210216。在这半年的学习过程中,我很荣幸能够遇到AIC优秀的老师们,是她们的用心教学和鼓励使得我能够一次通过NAATI考试。因此,我想要对我的三位老师表示由衷的感谢…[more]

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Chenyu LIU, Diploma of Interpreting (July 2019)

The trainers always apply innovative teaching methods, which combine interpreting skills with practices in class. This really helped to arouse my enthusiasm to follow their instructions to study. As a result, our class atmosphere is active and all of us take an active part in activities in class.

Xiaolei HUANG, Advanced Diploma of Translating (February 2019)

The trainers always lead us to review the knowledge learnt in the previous lesson before class, which made me gain new insights through reviewing, promoted my understanding and solidified my knowledge.

Xiaopei JI, Advanced Diploma of Translating (February 2019)

I am so grateful that someone referred me to Australian Ideal College. I was willing to enrol in the course because of the college’s good reputation I have heard about. I am fully satisfied with the course since I developed the knowledges and skills in translating expected from the training and finally passed the NAATI Certification test.

Poh Yet WONG, Diploma of Interpreting (December 2018)

The College always provided a positive and comfortable learning environment during my study. The administrative staff and trainers are supportive, caring and considerate all the time. My trainers are always willing to answer my questions about studies no matter it is in class or after class.

Jiacheng MENG, Advanced Diploma of Translating (November 2018)

I am a student majoring in Information Technology at the University of Tasmania. To be honest, I have never done translation studies before I enrolled in the Advanced Diploma of Translating course at AIC. After attending the classes, I found that my translating skills, English and Chinese language proficiencies have all improved, especially my grammar. I am so surprised that attending translating course can also improve my PTE scores since it advances my reading and writing skills simultaneously.

Shuiquan ZHANG, Advanced Diploma of Translating (November 2018)

Because of the excellent translating course which I have completed at AIC, I passed the NAATI Certification Test and end up landing my dream job as a professional translator.

Miao JIAO, Diploma of Interpreting (October 2018)

I have to say that I am so lucky to meet my trainers, Li and Tian. Both of them are very conscientious and enthusiastic about teaching. They always analyse the interpretation of dialogues from students and correct mistakes one by one in class. In addition, their classes cover almost all dialogue topics and knowledge required in the NAATI Certification Test, which gave me a lot of confidence to attend the test. I would not feel that nervous when I was attending the test.

Fangqi HUANG, Advanced Diploma of Translating (October 2018)

My trainers are really professional and proficient in translating. Both of them not only have a wealth of translating knowledge and experience, but also have great teaching approaches to deliver their skills to students in a straightforward way.

Lin CHEN, Diploma of Interpreting (August 2018)

I am extremely happy with the interpreting course here and have recommended two of my friends to join AIC! My trainers have excellent knowledge and always have a good mix of interpreting theories and practices in class, which prepares me well for future work in this industry.

Liting LIU, CCL Training Course (June 2018)

The trainers taught me how to use the interpreting skills more flexibly and they always extend the knowledge points in class, not only explaining the meaning of each word but also teaching us how to use simpler synonyms to avoid loss of marks in the test, which is really practical.

Qi LI, CCL Training Course (June 2018)

Excellent college, fun courses, talented trainers and happy students! I enjoyed my classes and got exactly what I wanted to learn during the study period of my course. My trainers always gave me prompt feedback and comments regarding my work and answered my questions positively.

Ioannis & Theocharis ASLANIDIS, General English

We are cousins from Greece. We began studying General English in Feb 2012 at AIC. We first came to Australia as tourists and applied for a student visa in Australia. We received our student visa with the help of the college in just one week. After we finish General English in July, we will study Certificate IV in Business Administration, Diploma of Management and Advanced Diploma of Management at AIC. We chose AIC because of its quality, price and location. Teachers are friendly and supportive. Our English skills have improved a lot.

Junkai ZHAO, English for Academic Purposes

Hi, my name is Junkai ZHAO and I come from China with a 570 English visa. I have been studying English for more than 6 months at AIC. I enjoy learning English with my classmates as they are from different countries with different cultures. My classmates are from Bangladesh, China, Germany, Jordan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand etc. The teachers are very kind and helpful and are very patient when helping students with difficult phrases and grammar. We also have a lot of fun when we learn English in the computer lab in the last session of Fridays sometimes. The online English study skill we obtained in class enables us to do self-study at home. In addition, the student trip to the Tarongo Zoo was just amazing. I believe the English course will make me achieve my future goal in Australia. What a fantastic course!

Clyde OROLFO, Certificate IV in Business Administration

I made the right choice by choosing Australian Ideal College. The school puts learning and fun into one. The staff are friendly and the trainers are knowledgeable in their fields. I always look forward to going to school and learning new things. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to pursue studying Business Management here in Australia. More power to you AIC!

Zhenni LIN, Certificate IV in Business Administration

AIC means a lot to me as I have already spent more than one and a half years here. I have completed Certificate IV in Business Administration and Diploma of Management and I am currently studying the Advanced Diploma of Management. During my time at AIC, I have achieved meaningful and practical educational outcomes not only with strong staff support, but also the highly qualified trainers working for the college. They have provided me with the best education and they all work with exceptional passion, dedication and commitment. I will always remember the amazing time I had while studying at AIC.

Jai PARKASH, Diploma of Leadership and Management

Being an International Student, I can say that AIC (Australian Ideal College) is the right choice for me. The college is like a magnet – I love attending the class to see my trainers and classmates. My attendance was over 95% so I was awarded as one of the best students who achieved good attendance and academic progress in my class in 2011. Now I am studying the Master in Professional Accounting (MPA) course. The solid foundation I made in AIC helps me a lot with my study.

Orawan CHANANANTASAK, Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

I completed my Certificate IV in Business Administration and Diploma of Management and am about to finish my Advanced Diploma of Management. For the two years I’ve studied here, I have been very happy with the course as the trainers are highly qualified, professional and friendly. All the people that work here are really nice and they are ready to help us anytime we need. I want to thank everyone for supporting me in this great school. After finishing my course, I can definitely say that I made the right choice.

Ilkay YÜCETAS, Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

I have chosen to study the Advanced Diploma of Management at AIC as I believe they offer a quality education that paves the way for future education, as well as gaining useful skills in business management. I didn’t expect studying at AIC would be so much fun, but thanks to my classmates and my trainer, I enjoyed attending my classes every week. During my 7 months now at AIC, I have made many friends with various backgrounds and was able to learn about their cultures. I recommend AIC to my friends who would like to study in Australia since it gives students life experience, as well as a good education.” I have studied a range of subjects. These subjects were very informative and have given me great insight into business management. I really enjoyed the course and feel it will help me gain valuable work experience within the industry. There is a great atmosphere within the college and I feel it is a great learning environment for students.