About Us

Welcome to AIC!

Australian Ideal College (AIC) is a professional vocational education provider with a commitment to delivering quality English language, Business, Tourism & Hospitality, Management and Accounting courses, as well as NAATI-endorsed Interpreting and Translating qualifications.

At AIC, we strive to achieve and maintain educational excellence with professionalism and integrity, and also hope to instil these values in all our students.

To help you realise your study goals and potential, our highly qualified and experienced teachers & trainers are dedicated to supporting you every step along the way. We encourage a fun, interactive, stimulating & dynamic learning environment, and offer online learning to cater for flexible study requirements. As such, we are sure you will be a happy student studying at AIC.

Our Campuses

We have a network of campuses in Sydney and beyond. While our main campus is in Sydney NSW, we also run campuses in Adelaide and Hobart, each with their own distinctive student body and atmosphere. All campuses are centrally located in the respective central business districts of their cities, which maximises your study efficiency and convenience. All campuses are outfitted with modern technology and equipment, and all are staffed by our incredible teachers and trainers.

No matter which campus you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

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Message from the Principal

I am pleased to welcome you to Australian Ideal College (AIC), based in Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart. At AIC, we deliver quality education with the aim to help you effectively achieve your study objectives and realise your life goals.

As a registered college approved by Australian authorities, we specialise in offering quality English language courses, Business, Management, Accounting and NAATI-endorsed Interpreting and Translating qualifications. We deliberately keep class sizes small in order to give each student more personalised attention and guidance. We also offer flexible learning methods as we know that each student has different circumstances and preferences.

We also pride ourselves on providing our students with a very supportive and motivating learning environment to unlock their potential and excel in their studies. Working hand in hand with our friendly and approachable staff, our qualified teachers, with years of experience, are dedicated to making the classroom environment fun, interactive, dynamic and stimulating. As such, I am sure you will be a happy student studying with us!

I warmly invite you to join us for an exciting and unforgettable learning experience in one of the greatest countries in the world, and I look forward to sharing your success and achievements as a student at our college. 

So what are you waiting for – come and soar with us!

Jack Shen
AIC Principal

Why AIC?

There are many reasons why AIC is the right choice for you:

1. Nationally Recognised Qualifications:
You can be assured of the quality of our courses. The qualifications, skills and knowledge you gain from AIC are well-recognised by employers all across Australia. We provide fundamental skills training which is practical, and applicable for whatever your career you choose to pursue.

2. Potential Professional Development:
Enrolling in NAATI-endorsed Qualifications means you will have the best chance of passing NAATI certification tests. Becoming a NAATI certified translator or provisional certified interpreter can open many doors, with nearly unlimited, and exciting career paths.

3. Experience and Reputation:
All AIC academic staff have multiple years of experience in education and in their respective fields. They all have a strong sense of commitment to students. This enhances the learning experience and is one of many aspects that define the quality of our training.

4. Supportive and Friendly Student Services:
AIC offers individuals one-on-one support, with small class sizes to help students more effectively achieve their goals. We are also a multicultural college, as our staff come from a variety of backgrounds – so no matter your background, you’ll always belong at AIC.

5. Flexible Scheduled Class Options:
AIC allows for flexible study schedules for English, Accounting, Leadership and Management courses, as well as NAATI Endorsed Translating and Interpreting courses: weekdays, evenings and weekends. This flexibility allows you to fit your study and work into your preferred schedule as we know students are all different.


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