Qiaohui Hu

My name is Qiaohui HU, and I recently finished a four-year PhD in Bioscience at the University of Adelaide. Before that I completed a three-year Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology), plus a one-year Bachelor of Science (honours). My studies have taught me how to be a scientific researcher, and I am very thankful to my supervisor and colleagues throughout my honours and PhD journey. Additionally, learning an extra skill on how to be a professional translator at Australian Ideal College (AIC), and exploring the differences between English and Chinese have also greatly enriched my student life.

While I came to Australia to study, I’ve made some really good friends in Adelaide. Although some of them have since left, the memories are kept forever.

I am grateful that there are always interesting things for me to explore and study in Adelaide!

Why did you choose Adelaide?

I chose to study in Adelaide because Adelaide has a quaint charm that’s absent in the bigger capitals, and still has plenty to see and do despite its relatively small size. People are also very friendly here. What’s more, it has a number of world-class universities and high-quality private education providers

Why did you choose AIC?

AIC is a leading private college offering Advanced Diploma of Translating in multiple state capitals, including Adelaide. Having spoken to friends that have previously studied at AIC, it seems to have a great reputation, with a high pass rate for the NAATI exam relative to the market. Its qualified trainers also deserve a shout out – they run WeChat groups for their translating students, post extra translating material for them to practise, ready to answer any questions regarding material, which goes above and beyond. The teaching materials are practical and current. Due to all these factors, I was confident that I could pass the NAATI exam. Ultimately, my bet on AIC paid off as I passed my NAATI exam shortly after I completed my translating course there.

How do you feel about studying the NAATI-endorsed translating course at AIC?

A fantastic experience! The trainers and administrative staff at AIC are considerate, helpful, patient, and have a genuine interest in helping students succeed. I truly enjoyed its lively and interesting translating classes. The translating knowledge and skillset I learned at AIC will be with me for the rest of my life.

How can AIC’s translating course help you achieve career readiness?

After passing the NAATI certification exam, not only did I become a certified translator, I have also claimed 5 community language points from my NAATI credential.  I can spend more time to do the scientific research I like, and translate advanced scientific articles/papers in my area which would not only hone my skills and knowledge, but also benefit the people who are interested in bioscience.       

After graduation, what kind of roles would you like to try in your industry?

Eventually, I want to be a bioscience researcher. In the meantime, I would like to work as a certified translator for the community.    

What would you say to other students considering studying translating in Adelaide?

If you are interested in translating, would like to be a certified translator, or even make translating your life-long career, you won’t be disappointed with AIC!

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