How to Enrol

To enrol in any of our courses, you can apply via our application form via the steps below, through one of our representatives in Australia or your home country.

Alternatively, you can apply straight away online via the RTO system.

Online Enrolment

Please commence your online application here and follow the on-screen prompts. Our staff will get in touch with you shortly after application submission.

Manual Enrolment

Submit the completed application form and attach supporting documents

Steps:1.1 Download and complete the Australian Ideal College Application Form

1.2 Attach certified copies of your last two years’ school reports

1.3 Attach any evidence of your English proficiency (eg IELTS etc)

1.4 Attach a photocopy of the particulars page in your passport (if applicable)

1.5 Send the completed form to AIC by email, fax or post. You can find our contact details here.

Make the payment indicated in the Letter of Offer and then wait for your eCoE for your Student Visa application


  • 2.1 If your application is successful, we will issue a Letter of Offer for the course you have applied for within two working days
  • 2.2 Make the payment for the required fees indicated in the Letter of Offer
  • 2.3 Once the payment is received, we will issue you an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) for your student visa application
  • 2.4 Once you get your student visa, please advise us of your arrival details if you need us to pick you up at the airport
  • 2.5 Arrive at the college on time for your enrolment and orientation

Please note that we will provide you with more details for your student visa application in the Letter of Offer and eCoE.