Emergency Telephone Contacts

To ContactNumber
Emergency Services
Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade in an emergency*000
Police (other than in an emergency)131 444
24hr Crisis Emergency Contacts
Lifeline (Counselling services) 131 114
Salvo Care Line9331 6000
Salvo Suicide Prevention/ Crisis Line9331 2000
Salvo Youth Line9360 3000
Sexual Assault
NSW Rape Crisis Centre1800 424 017
Eastern and Central Sexual Assault Services1800 737 732
Crisis Service-ask for after-hours crisis workers9515 6111
Victims of Crime9374 3000
Emergency Accommodation
Women’s refuges-referral to a women’s refuge9560 1605
Alcohol and Drug Counselling
Alcoholics Anonymous (24 hours)9799 1199
Department of Home Affairs (DHA)
General Enquiries and Appointments131 881
Translating & Interpreting Service131 450

*Call 000 for urgent assistance from Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigades. This is a free call from any phone in Australia, even a phone box or disconnected mobile phone. For TTY users (hearing/speech impaired), call 106.

After you dial 000, an operator will ask which service you require – ambulance, police or fire. When you are on the phone, it is important to remain calm and speak slowly. Do not hang up until the operator has received the required information.

You should call 000 in a life-threatening or time-critical emergency, such as when:

  • Someone is seriously injured or in danger
  • There is a serious risk to life or property
  • A crime is being committed and/or a further crime may be committed
  • Someone you suspect has committed a crime is close by or their location is known, and there is an opportunity to arrest the suspect
  • Witnesses may leave the scene of a crime or evidence might be lost if the police do not get there quickly
  • A victim is seriously distressed

Note: The above information on ‘Call triple zero for emergency services – 000’ are extracted from www.secure.nsw.gov.au